Let's Make a Difference--Together!

California DAR volunteering

Piedmont Daughters share a special bond of sisterhood, friendship and history. So we sincerely enjoy spending time socializing together. And because we are a service organization, social ties are just the beginning! The real magic happens when we work together as a DAR team to make an impact in our community. Our Chapter has committees for every different interest. This year, Piedmont Chapter has set clear goals for its committees. Some highlights include:

  • Literacy Promotion Committee: Teach at least three individuals how to read.
  • Service To America Committee: Volunteer 1,929 hours as a chapter.
  • Commemorative Events Committee: Show our spirit by participating in at least four events such as Veterans Day and Piedmont’s Independence Day Parade.
  • Americanism Committee: Support our country’s newest citizens by participating in four naturalization ceremonies.