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New Piedmont Daughter!

Congratulations on becoming the newest member of the Piedmont Chapter NSDAR. Here you will find elegant, thoughtful and dedicated women, all at different stages in life and from varying backgrounds. Our ladies are forever linked together through their patriots. They share a special bond. They are DAR Daughters…and now, so are you! As you learn more about your chapter, it is my hope you’ll find this to be a special association, one that touches every facet of your life in a positive and uplifting way. The DAR is a place where you can bring your best self forward, honor your family history and dedicate your time and efforts with your fellow Daughters in service to your community and the National Society.

Our chapter is dedicated to making an impact in the community and it is through our committees that we get things done. Currently, Piedmont Daughters are involved with active duty military, veterans, genealogy research, supporting DAR schools and conservation--and that's just the beginning! Below, you'll find an overview of some of the additional programs and activities our chapter currently offers.  Consider serving on at least one committee right away. It is a great way to get to know your fellow Daughters, make new friends and connect with the important work of Piedmont Chapter NSDAR!



Americanism is about visibly sharing the values that make our country wonderful, and there are

countless ways to do that. Spread your eagle wings and welcome our country’s newest citizens by 

participating in a naturalization ceremony. Volunteer at our local U.S. Citizenship and Immigration 

Services (USCIS), or help people prepare for their American history and citizenship exam.


American Heritage

Unleash your creativity with the DAR National Theme for 2017-2018:

Exploring America through the Arts! 

The field is wide open, with opportunities for expression in:

∗ Art and Sculpture

∗ Literature and Drama

∗ Music

∗ Crafts and Fiber Arts


American History

History is what we are built on, and what defines who we are. We learn from and are inspired by it.

Now, let’s encourage our young people to get involved and get inspired!

As a DAR Daughter, you now have the opportunity to get kids engaged with American history

through essay writing contests.

Topics include:

∗ Celebrating a Century: America’s National Parks--open to grades five thru eight

∗ Technology’s Impact on the Voyage of Christopher Columbus--open to grades nine through twelve.

∗ Public, private, parochial and home-schooled students are eligible.


Commemorative Events

Let’s get sparkling! The Commemorative Events Committee is responsible for linking chapter

membership and our community to celebrate the milestones in American history that are recognized

by our U.S. holidays. These events, many of which are family traditions, rekindle the values that

inspire us as Americans. It’s a great opportunity for DAR members to “stand proud,” build

camaraderie, and attract new members. Enjoy participating in the events below:

 January thru March: President’s Day / Martin Luther King Day

 April thru June: Memorial Day / Flag Day

July thru September: 4th of July / Patriot’s Day (9/11)

September thru December: Veterans Day / Bill of Rights Day


Public Relations and Media

Are you a whiz at whipping up zippy press releases? Do you love to tell an engaging story? Are you

fired up by meeting new people? If you answered “yes” to any of these, you may be the perfect

Daughter for our Public Relations and Media Committee!


Service to America

You may not know it, but the time you spend volunteering with your local Boy Scout troop, directing

your church choir, or hosting that fundraiser event for underserved youth is not only a gift you give

these organizations but a gift you can give to your Piedmont Chapter and National DAR Society as

well. Any volunteer hours associated with direct DAR committee work as well as hours

that fall outside of our nationally-recognized DAR committees, qualify for the Service to America



Today’s DAR Woman

Have you just relocated here to attend college? Are you a busy single mom? Self-declared Auntie

Mame? Empty-nester? Or a thriving senior? If you fit these descriptions--or you fall anywhere in

between--you share one thing in common: You are Today’s DAR Woman! This committee focuses on

health, career, family and beyond, and works to find new approaches to balance your career, school

and family with home and health matters.


Volunteer Information Specialist

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Chapter Website. Today’s DAR Daughter needs to make contact, share

content and keep connected. This is a focused administrative position that packs a real punch. If

you are a self-proclaimed social media maven--look no further. This is a great

place to unleash your creativity while driving membership engagement, interest and impact!